Welcome to Our Service Section

Aside from the courses our Institute provide, we offer a great array of services that are oriented to improve and enhance our students abilities. In addition, we are certified and approve NHA to offer service at NHA test service.

Take a look at our services and do not hesitate to ask any inquires to us.


NHA Testing Center Service

Taking the NHA testing have never been easier. Our Institute not only offers all the courses and labs you need for the test, but we are also a certified center to provide the NHA test. At ORI we get you from A to Z all the way.

JR2YC6 Dramatic resuscitation on the rural road. Themes rescue, help and hope.

CPR Classes

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or commonly known as CPR, it is one of the most demanded skills in the Medical word. At ORI we prepare you to be become an expert in the field, getting you ready to save lives.


Phlebotomy Practice

We know time can be sometimes a problem and Lab practices are not enough. We offer flexible hours for our Phlebotomy labs and if needed we can extend it in order to provide you the top-notch skills.


EKG Practice Sessions

Being a good EKG technician takes a lot of practice, and at ORI we can easily help you accomplish that. We provide lab services that will allow you extra time to prepare and trained you on the EKG maneuvers and chart readings.


Massage Therapy Practice

If Massage Therapy is your field then you will benefits from our practice services. A competent Massage Therapist requires to have a vast amount of practice time under his/her curriculum in order to provide their services, and there is no better place to start that at ORI.


Career Path Orientation

We offer student counseling for those who needs orientation on their career path and their continuing education. Our staff is ready to provide you with the best solution to your career decisions, basing our cases in hundreds of successful students.