Ori Health and Healing Center, LLC (“Ori Health”), was founded in 2015 by Lauradis Salas to provide health care and training, becoming our mission to provide affordable, short term training programs to prepare students to enter a career within the medical field.

Our main focus is to provide opportunities to all of our students, offering our courses in Spanish and English, providing a flexible environment in which the students can choose their language of choice.

Meet Our Managing Staff

Our Managing Staff will ensure your get everything you need to embark in your educational journey. At ORI we are committed to provide you excellent services and experience.

Meet the Teachers

With over decades of experience, our Instructors will provide you with the best tools and resources, as well as the best direct interaction Instructor/Student to ensure you get the best education experience.

Don't know where to start?

Have Questions? Don’t know what course to take? Wait no more and contact us today, one of our staff member will schedule and appointment with you and help get you on the right path. At ORI we care about your Future!