Welcome to ORI Health and Healing Center

Your one stop location for Education, Practice and Health Services. We are proudly providing education and services for over 20 years.


At ORI we are proud of our professional staff and their dedication to teach and provide bright futures for our students.


Our Institute provide a great array of courses from which you can choose your future career. Which will you choose?


ORI also provide SPA Services in their facilities, in which not only students can benefit but anyone needing Healing!

A True Devotion for Learning

The job demand for Medical Assistant and Specialist has sky rocketed in the pass decade and ORI is providing you with the right choices.

Clinical Medical Assistant

Learn all about Phlebotomy, EKG, Medical Law and Ethics, Pharmacology, Medical Office Procedures and much more.

Phlebotomy Technician

Immerse in the Phlebotomy procedures and techniques, Test Tubes and additives, Special testing, OSHA, CDC, Infection and Control and much more.

EKG Technician

This field will make you a master on the Anatomy of the Heart, EKG Procedures, Basic interpretation of charts, PQRST complex and more.

Massage Therapy

Learn Extensive Anatomy and Physiology, Swedish Massage, Prenatal Massage, Sport Massage, Deep Tissue and more,

Continuing Education

At ORI there is always room for improvement and we always offer continuing Educational Programs. Ask us about it.

CPR Training

Saving lives is always a welcome gift. Come learn and practice the CPR technique and get Officially Certified.

Are you ready to start your learning path?

The opportunity is at the tip of your hands. Schedule your enrollment now!

Are you ready to start your learning path?

The opportunity is at the tip of your hands. Schedule your enrollment now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours? Do you offer Weekend classes?


Our Institute is open six days a week. Monday through Fridays we open from 9am to 10pm, while of Saturdays we start at 9am and close at 7pm.

For more detailed hour information please feel free to contact us at any time.

Do you offer payment plans or financial help?


At ORI we offer easy of payment through our School payment plan program, or Financial can be applied as well for those who qualify for it. For more detailed information contact our management team.

Does ORI offers Spanish classes?


Being located at the heart of Union City how can we not provide Spanish classes? At ORI you gain the ability to choose to take your classes either in English or Spanish, all you need is choose while filling the application process.

In your Institution Board Approved?


We do take our business seriously. At ORI we have all accreditation, permissions and affiliations in order. We are approved by the National Health Association, New Jersey Department of Education, Department of Labor and Workforce and many more.

ORI HHC Affiliations

Our Institute is accredited and affiliated to all the pertinent legal institutions authorized to award the valid certification according to the Unite States law.